The Log witness has a occupation which encompasses a selection of obligations:

  • Coordination of all very well-similar logging things to do – pre-task, through the task, and write-up-task
  • Training of any new services company logging engineer on consumer distinct needs
  • Interfacing with the Logging engineer, Functions geologist, Well engineer and Drilling Superintendents
  • Pre-career, all through the job, and put up-task reporting of logging objectives and operations
  • Participation in and supervision of on-rig wireline logging functions

Just after the assistance organization is educated of the approaching work and a logging crew is picked, a wireline witness is also appointed to address the career. The log witness is sent the wireline logging program and briefed by the operations geologist or nicely engineer in the operating organization.

The logging witness is considered the chief of the logging company undertaking workforce consisting of the support organization logging engineer, his/her crew and the drilling superintendents on the rig. On board the rig, the initial interactions in between the logging witness, drilling superintendents and logging engineer need to acquire place, receiving consent on the next issues:

  • Logging plan and objectives
  • What tools are expected and what equipment are out there
  • Overview and examine danger assessments and possible security troubles
  • Preliminary facts of the logging strategy together with envisioned start off day and time
  • Classes learned from prior wells

The logging crew have to examine all their tools to make certain all the logging applications are in functioning ailment and no tools necessary for the work is lacking. The logging engineer must report any instrument issues or missing machines to the wireline witness and the drilling superintendents on the rig. At this place, the logging software may undergo refinement as a result of discussions involving the functioning company and the assistance enterprise with the logging witness using on an advisory position. Logging time estimates, log displays and pre-career perfectly facts sheets are also geared up prior to the job beginning. Any discrepany in the believed logging time forecast must be highlighted to the drilling superintendent to support ahead scheduling and logistics. When the work commences, the wireline witness has tasks which involve:

  • Logging enterprise info acquisition: supervision and high quality command
  • Details formatting and/or reformatting
  • Downhole sample measurements supervision: Formation tests and coring
  • Everyday career reporting
  • Ongoing career hazard assessment

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